Canadian politics and society are becoming more diverse and more global. New opportunities are open to those who are equipped to meet the challenges of a changing Canada and a changing world. Political science helps students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to be a part of those opportunities, and to direct their lives and careers, by providing the intellectual tools needed to understand and critically analyze real world issues, conduct research and develop solutions to complex problems.

A degree in Political Science equips students to see the implications of the changing world around us, learn about the political dynamics that are shaping Canada and other countries, and to have a well-developed understanding of the values and ideologies that unpin political systems around the world. It also prepares students for careers in government, law, the non-governmental sector, media, and business.

Our faculty members specialize in a range of different fields, including Canadian politics, comparative politics, political theory and philosophy, international relations, gender and politics, Indigenous and northern governance, and public administration and local government.  In addition to BA and MA programs in Political Science, the Department offers innovative joint BA programs with Global and International Studies, History, Geography, English, Women’s Studies, and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  Students can also minor in Political Science or Philosophy and complete a certificate program in Local Government Administration.      

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