Course Descriptions

ANTH - Anthropology

ARTS - Arts

ASTR - Astronomy

BCMB - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BIOL - Biology

CHEM - Chemistry

CIVE - Civil Engineering

COMM - Commerce/Business Administration

COOP - Cooperative Education

CPSC - Computer Science

ECON - Economics

EDUC - Education

ENGL - English

ENGR - Engineering

ENPL - Environmental Planning

ENSC - Environmental Science

ENVE - Environmental Engineering

ENVS - Environmental and Sustainability Studies

FNST - First Nations Studies

FSTY - Forestry

GEOG - Geography

HHSC - Health Sciences

HIST - History

INTS - Global and International Studies

INTX - International Exchange

MATH - Mathematics

NORS - Northern Studies

NREM - Natural Resources Management

NRES - Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

NRSG - Nursing

NURS - Nursing

ORTM - Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management

PHIL - Philosophy

PHYS - Physics

POLS - Political Science

PSYC - Psychology

SOCW - Social Work

STAT - Statistics

UNIV - University 

VRES - Visiting Research Student

WMST - Women's Studies

Upper Division and Graduate Level Courses

Credit is not granted for both 400- and 600-level courses having the same title, unless otherwise specified in the course description.


A prerequisite course is an academic requirement that must be completed prior to the student taking a course. Unless otherwise stated, a passing grade of  D- or better is required to satisfy as a prerequisite course.

Prerequisites are used to ensure that a student has the required background to successfully complete the course. Prerequisites may also have prerequisites. These prerequisites must also be fulfilled.

For example: COMM 314-3 has a prerequisite of COMM 313-3, COMM 313-3 has a prerequisite of COMM 210-3, and COMM 210-3 has a prerequisite of COMM 100-3. In this case, a student must have credit for COMM 313-3, COMM 210-3, and COMM 100-3 before being eligible to enroll in COMM 314-3.

Course Offerings

Not all courses are offered every year. Check online course listings for a list of the courses being offered in each semester.

Course Descriptions

The following diagram outlines the terms found in the course descriptions:

course descriptions diagram