Conservation Science and Practice

UNBC offers a BSc degree in Conservation Science and Practice that will allow you to pursue one of two majors; Wildland Conservation and Recreation and Landscape Conservation and Management.

Students pursuing a BSc in Conservation Science and Practice focus on understanding and addressing the contemporary challenges facing the sustainable use and conservation of our environment. Navigating these challenges requires a strong scientific foundation, including the necessary appreciation for both the natural and human dimensions of conservation and management.

This degree equips you with the knowledge to enter a solutions-based career that actively contributes to solving today’s conservation and management problems. Our goal is to provide you with the philosophical foundation, scientific theory, and technical skills to address the challenge of maintaining the functioning of ecosystems across developed, developing and still wild landscapes.

This degree focuses the research and teaching strengths of the faculty at UNBC on a cutting-edge program designed to confront many of the challenges in the 21st century facing the conservation and maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Courses for both majors were selected or designed to provide students with the interdisciplinary and multi-value perspective necessary to conduct or practice conservation science.

The degree is focused on the natural sciences but draws on methods, theory, and practice from the social sciences. This recognizes that humans are part of socio-ecological systems; thus, the human dimensions of conservation are integral components of the curriculum.